Hi! Thank YOU for visiting my happy space - my home of beautiful life moments, Pinterest dreams, and wild colors that bring you back to the tropics and the sea. Secondly, I hope this space gives you the inspiration to celebrate all that brings you joy. I hope this space motivates you to be bold, to be your true self, to be the girl who had a dream and decided to run with it but most importantly, a space to appreciate the beauty that is all around you. 


Since the time of sleepovers + Britney Spears karaoke nights, there I was at the age of twelve planning themed parties that required a strict dress code, funfetti cupcakes, and a whole lot of colorful decor. Event planning + design has been in my bones all along - it is what fuels me, what brings me the most joy, and truly makes me feel alive. I absolutely love turning blank pages into canvases - splashing all kinds of colors, patterns, and a whole lot of love onto it. Yet, what  I really love the most are my clients. I love being able to take their vision and turn it into the prettiest thing they ever did see! 



My motto

"Life is too damn short, oh SO beautiful, and beyond magical to have BORING parties! Let's grab the CHAMPS and do the THING!"



Owner + Principal planner

Hi, it is SO nice to meet you!  I am so thankful to be here alongside all of you on the journey to the rest of your lives! I feel like my whole life has lead me to where I am today, doing what I love! Making your beautiful, vivid dreams a reality!

While other teenagers were off at high school parties, I was planning family events - from baby showers to quinceaneras. I knew early on that the typical 9 to 5 career would never be for me. I tend to go to the beat of my own drum and always felt that life would eventually follow suit.

After becoming a mom a few years ago, I finally channeled all that creativity with the natural urge to want to be as close to my little one as possible. I went off in search of my happy workplace. The stars aligned and here I am alongside, Christina. Now, you find me emerged in making space romantically wild and enjoying every single moment with my loved ones!



My motto

"People are as happy as they make up their minds to be!"



Principal planner + Designer