hello lovers, party go-ers, and wanderers!
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            My name is Heidi Hou (my last name is pronounced “who”) BUT if you are at all familiar with the infamous Cab Calloway “Hi De Ho Man” song, I will one million percent respond to that singing the jingle and breaking into dance. Who knew that in my lifetime I’d get to have SO MUCH FUN and call this my JOB! I get to laugh with you, cry with you, but most importantly CELEBRATE YOU and all the grand moments that leave an everlasting impression in your memory and heart.


            Aside from being a Planner, I think the second-best title I would love to give myself is totally “Party Historian”! Being able to document YOUR stories, capturing all the little details and moments that mean the world to you, and turning your vision board into a reality is what constantly inspires me! Celebrating the genuineness in all things that make you, well, INCREDIBLY YOU! I’d also like to think of myself as a Magician because I LOVE making all your chaos disappear (maybe it’s swept all under a rug? I’ll never tell!)  all so you can thoroughly enjoy your big awesome day, YOUR WAY.


            In all seriousness though, working with people has always made me 100% happy and being a creative does too. Being blessed with a very large family, hosting was a norm in my house and being able to create a space surrounded by love, great food, and wonderful company became second nature. When I am not with clients, I am usually doing some type of DIY project, repurposing and creating amazing things from second-hand stores, or exploring and supporting local coffee shops around town. What matters to you, matters to me, so no matter what you choose to celebrate, the EventsbytheCea team and I will be there for you every step of the way!